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The IRTV Network provides efficient support services to meet the daily and demanding needs of corporate IR teams.
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Advantages of IR Video Stream

Sustained engagement with individual investors

The IRTV Network is operated by Trias Corporation, an IR consultancy that is actively engaging private investors to promote mid- and long-term investments through our Trias IR Forum and IRTV Network services. The continuous and sustained delivery of IR video is a highly effective visualization tool of IR activities for private investors, an investor segment that Japanese companies have, until now, had difficulty addressing directly.

Gateway to institutional and foreign investors

Direct interviews with institutional and foreign investors are undoubtedly the most effective IR opportunities for Japanese companies. Unfortunately, such opportunities may not only be infrequent, they can even be counterproductive if not handled properly. IRTV avoids these and other pitfalls by providing proficient and professional English translations of a Company's IR activities, thus serving as an effective gateway to a much broader investor segment.

Concise delivery of IR information

The IRTV Network is linked to the client-Company's website for information that investors need to optimize their investment decision making, and by expanding the access point for a Company's IR information beyond its corporate website, we enhance accessibility of the information overall. By streaming video of interviews with chief executives, moreover, we are able to deliver precise, useful data on our client-Company's vision, strategies and management policies far superior to the information conveyed via text media.

Streamlining the response process to investor inquiries

Corporate IR personnel today must process a steadily escalating volume of work as interest in and demand for IR information continues to expand. IRTV Network functions as an inquiry service, collating and processing investor inquiries on behalf of our client-Company, which are then returned to the Company for reference and feedback. Commonly raised inquiries will also be posted in the FAQ on IRTV Network website's client-Company section.

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