Corporate Vision

In order to contribute to the advancement of our clients, PALTEK is in constant pursuit of optimal solutions discovered by diverse cultures of the world.

Corporate Profile

Headquarters Shin-Yokohama Square BLDG. 2-3-12 Shin-Yokohama Kouhoku-ku
Yokohama, Japan 222-003
Capital JPY1,339 million (as of September 30, 2018)
Date of Establishment October 14, 1982
Representative Naohide Yabuki
Main Business ・Semiconductor Business : Sales and marketing of semiconductors, electronic components, and software
・Design Service Business : Design service, ODM/EMS/OEM, and sales of original products
・Solution Business : Based on accumulated technical capabilities, we will develop and sell solutions at the final product level(Video, IoT, Logistics, Energy)
Number of Branches 6 (as of September 30, 2018)
Total Employees Consolidated: 255
Non-consolidated: 200
(as of September 30, 2018)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Information

When was the Company founded?
PALTEK was founded in Yokohama City in October 1982 as an electronic components vendor.

The Company's Vision and Business Strategy

What is underlying corporate philosophy of PALTEK?
PALTEK is committed to the creation of cooperative growth relationships with diverse partners—a corporate philosophy drawn from founder and Chairman Tadahito Takahashi, who was born and raised in Yakushima Island, whose rich, verdant ecosystem struck a wondrous balance between diversity and harmony despite the island's natural environmental severity. Similarly, PALTEK provides value-added products and services for our customers to be successful in a highly competitive global electronics market.
What are PALTEK's major lines of business?
Since its founding, PALTEK has provided semiconductors and design/development support services to electronics manufacturers, and today, we deploy three lines of business: Semiconductor, Design Service and Smart Energy Solution. In our Semiconductor Business, we mainly distribute FPGAs, special semiconductors with circuit designs that can be configured by users, as well as analog semiconductors, processors and memories. In addition to distributing semiconductors, PALTEK supports clients’ product development through its Design Service Business by actively taking on design and development on consignment. This is against the backdrop of product development becoming increasingly difficult due to shorter product lifecycles and diversifying functions of electronics equipment. In addition, based on the system proposal and technical support capabilities cultivated in year of Semiconductor and Design Service Business, PALTEK develops and sells solutions at the final product level. Specifically, PALTEK provides video distribution system, tire pressure monitoring system, paper-based packaging system, anti-electric outage system for medical institutions.
What differentiates PALTEK from its competitors?
Superior engineering support and system proposing are our core strength. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers account for 30% of all employees provide clients quality technical support at situations of semiconductor sales meeting their needs. PALTEK also expands its business in consignment design development and manufacturing from our clients. We particularly adept in image processing technology and have a lot of design consignment experiences for industrial equipments such as medical devices, broadcast equipments and surveillance cameras.
Which area does PALTEK focus on hereafter?
PALTEK is planning to reinforce our Design Service Business. First, ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) which includes not only just design development but also manufacturing needs of our clients will be in the schope of strengthening. Currently, the image processing board for medical devices and the Codec Device for surveillance camera are centering this business, but we will expand the range of reinforcing fields for ODM. Moreover, we will develop in-house products based on our surperior technologies fostered through consignment of design development. We develop the cutting-edge video compressing technology H.265/HEVC compatible Codec Device and Image CUBE which is a development platform for 8K/4K video image device. Additionally, we will newly develop solution business based on in-house products. PALTEK Group will promote providing video solution based on our superior image processing technology.

Stock Information

What are PALTEK's policies on shareholder returns?
We expect to return our shareholders with the dividends and shareholder incentives. Regarding the dividends, while maintaining the stable dividend in conventional manner, we will declare the amount of dividend taking into consideration the payout ratio against the financial results. As for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2017, we plan to pay JPY13 per share. Regarding the shareholder incentives, we present QUO Cards (pre-paid card) to all our shareholders with more than 100 shares on the shareholder list as of December 31 every year. The amount of QUO Card is as below;

[Shareholders who hold shares less than 3 years continuously]
100 to less than 500 shares: JPY500 of QUO Card
500 to less than 1,000 shares: JPY1,000 of QUO Card
1,000 shares and above: JPY2,000 of QUO Card

[Shareholders who hold shares 3 years and above continuously]
100 to less than 500 shares: JPY1,000 of QUO Card
500 to less than 1,000 shares: JPY2,000 of QUO Card
1,000 shares and above: JPY3,000 of QUO Card

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